Scientifically She Has The Most Perfect Figure: See Pics


We all have heard ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ That’s a completely true statement and almost all of us believe it, but scientists believe model and TV personality, Kelly Brook is world’s most perfect figure.

According to a research conducted few year backs, scientists concluded that Kelly Brook has the “perfect figure”. She has been top of this list since then. Researchers at the University of Texas again run a similar test and came out with the similar results.

Kelly Brook has the world’s most perfect body in every way.

This new study found the Rochester born model, now 38, has the “perfect figure”. Let’s know more her and about this study.

Kelly Brook, the woman with perfect figure has a height of 1.68 and measures 99-63-91 – that’s bust, waist and hips. And no surgery is allowed.

The study shows that a body stereotype that women consider “somewhat plump” is actually the one that comes closest to perfection and what they consider a “harmonious body”.

The research team reports: “This woman is completely natural and scientifically perfect.”

Reacting to the findings, the Curacao Chronicle fashion editors wrote: “The conclusion of these scholars from the University of Texas, surprised the public, because although it is known that the beauty and perfection are completely cultural and certainly arbitrary concepts, parameters of fashion, the pressure of advertisements and models TV, have always shown a completely different concept of perfection.

“Furthermore, this concept has led women to feel bad about themselves and even eating disorders looking for that unreachable and unhealthy ideal.

“At the conclusion that Kelly Brook is perfect for science, the research took into account body measurements, age, face, lips, nose and hair. The model has stated many times that she had suffered because of her body.”